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ABC ltd have been removing chewing gum for over 15 years at shopping malls, sports stadiums and hospitals.

Chewing gum when disregarded inappropriately can cause a sticky unsightly mess among the public streets, roads, and other surfaces. In addition, leaving a rather unattractive visual along with permanent stains it can very quickly negatively affect your visitors, customers and potential business partners perception of your surrounding environment.

As we all know, chewing gum has an extremely sticky consistency which results in almost all conventional cleaning methods struggling to remove gum from certain types of surfaces.

Originally using Cryogenic dry ice blasting methods this was extremely effective but had its environmental downfalls due to the noise and fumes created from diesel compressors used to power our equipment.

As technology has advanced so have our cleaning methods. We now use state of the art equipment and solutions to remove the chewing gum. Combining hot high pressure water & high pressure dry steam at around 140°C it simply melts the chewing gum off and removes the stain without damaging the floor underneath leaving the surface looking like brand new.

Chewing Gum Removal
Chewing Gum Removal