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ABC Ltd offer real Eco-friendly Dry Ice Blast Cleaning within many types of environments and industries.

Dry ice blasting is a non-destructive solution for cleaning, surface preparation, and parts finishing. Dry ice blasting does not require water or cleaning chemicals and does not produce secondary waste.

Dry ice blasting can be used for a wide range of applications from the food & dairy industries to printing & mould cleaning.

Put simply, compressed air delivers the dry ice pellets onto the contaminated surface. Thermal shock & contraction separates the contaminant from the surface leaving a dry, clean finish.

  • Clean production lines without the need for disassembly
  • No secondary waste, Dry ice blasting does not produce secondary waste streams, residue or moisture
  • Improved part quality and reduced scrap. Cleaner machinery and tooling results in higher quality products
  • Environmentally sustainable Dry ice is made of recycled CO2 and does not add additional CO2 to the atmosphere.
  • Operator safe, eliminates the need for chemicals and repetitive, manual processes
  • Non-toxic and non-conductive, Dry ice is a food grade media and is safe for commercial use
Cryogenic Dry Ice Blast Cleaning
Cryogenic Dry Ice Blast Cleaning